University of Pittsburgh

Committees & Task Forces

Current committees and task forces of the Academy of Master Educators at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.


Steering Committee

Chair: Jamie Johnston
Members: Cynthia Lance-Jones, Melissa McNeil,Basil Zitelli, Sara McIntire, Rosanne Granieri, Rita M. Patel, Jason Rosenstock

Membership Committee

Chair: Jamie Johnston
Members: Cynthia Lance-Jones, Melissa McNeil, Basil Zitelli

Faculty Development and Mentoring Task Force

This task force will examine current faculty-development offerings on education; construct a plan to build a more comprehensive set of activities; and explore the option to develop a certificate program in medical education. This task force will also establish a mentoring program for junior faculty members interested in developing careers as clinician-educators. In addition, this group will develop a system to consult with faculty members who are experiencing an education-related problem (e.g., poor teaching evaluations, poor course evaluations).

Chairs: Rosanne Granieri, Melissa McNeil
Vice Chairs: Cynthia Lance-Jones
Members: Gerald Apodaca, Robert Arnold, Peter Drain,Georgia Duker, D. Michael Elnicki, Andrea Fox, Kevin Garrett, Dena Hofkosh, Phillip Kaleida, John Kreit, John Mahoney, Michael Mangione, William McIvor, Sandra Murray, Thomas Painter, Andrew Peitzman, John Schumann, Richard Steinman

Explore this link to view resources for teaching faculty.

Teaching Residents to Teach Task Force

This task force will catalog existing efforts and develop new resources to help residents learn how to become better teachers. The group will also explore the value of developing Web-based modules to make important content available electronically for residents.

Explore this link to view modules for Residents-as-Teachers or RAT.

Chair: Raquel Buranosky
Vice Chair: TBD
Members: Peter Ferson, Jonathan Finder, Jamie Johnston, Kathleen Mcintyre-Seltman, Rita M. Patel, Petronilla Vaulx-Smith, Basil Zitelli

Website Development Task Force

This task force will build on the initial implementation of the AME website which has already provided a user-friendly mode for posting publically accessible Academy information.

Chair: John Mahoney
Vice Chair: Jamie Johnston
Members: Raquel Buranosky, D. Michael Elnicki, Phil Kaleida, James McGee, Steve Orebaugh, Evelyn Reis