Chair: Mike Elnicki, MD
Chair Elect: Gabey Gosman, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Jamie Johnston, MD

Faculty Development Series

  • Organizing/archiving monthly AME seminar series with tiopics related to teaching skills and career development
  • Collaborating with faculty affairs on on-boarding approaches

Chairs: Melissa McNeil,MD and Jason Rosenstock, MD
Members: Stephanie Dewar, MD; Charissa Pacella, MD; Tom Painter, MD; Kishore Vellody, MD; Jake Waxman, MD


  • Provide an external advice source towards building the CV and making the key steps in members career promiotion, both tenured and non-tenured, at both the assitant to associate and the associate to full professor levels.
  • Provide feedback on building the Teaching Portfolios for promitonal conderation.
  • Upon request, to observe inexperienced teaching faculty during their actual teaching presentation and provide constructive feedback on good and bad teaching styles.
  • Upon request, work with any teaching faculty members who have been receiving deficient student evaluations for inadequate delivery in any teaching setting or for poor quality of course materials (e.g., syllabi, lecutre notes, etc.) and make suggestions for improvement.

Chairs: Kip Kinchington, PhD; Jack Schumann, PhD; Sara Mcintire, MD
Members: Gerry Apodaca, PhD; Bob Arnold, MD; Greg Bump, MD; Giselle Hamad, MD; Julie McCausland, MD; Bill McIvor, MD; Mike Mangione, MD; Steve Orebaugh, MD; Charissa Pacella, MD; Jason Rosentsock, MD; Reed Van Deusen, MD

Educator 101

  • Screen archived AME lectures and post for faculty to review
  • Discuss mechanisms to alert new faculty to our committee's resources (new faculty orientation sessions? Recommendations from course diectors?)
  • Discuss mechanisms for "mentoring" of new faculty (one-on-one interactions with Don and/or Chris. Review of lecture or small group material. Direct observation by Don and/or Chris of lecture or small group. Means of constructive feedback)

Chairs: Don DeFranco, PhD and Chris Milcarek, PhD

Membership Committee

  • Add mommittee members from different departments
  • Develop timeline for membership renewal and seletion of new members
  • Further develop and clearify requriements for membship renewal
  • Recruitment and selection of new members

Chairs: Bill Follansbee, MD and  Scott Herrle, MD
Members: Brad Dicianno,MD; Cynthia Lance-Jones,PhD; Kishore Vellody, MD

Educational Scholarship

  • Consult for physician educators about doing medical education sholarship
  • Ojective is to connect faculty members requesting help with the education experts who can help
  • Online request form: To begin, fill out the online request form and describe your project. In 1-2 weeks, you will receive a recommendation about your next step.

Chair: Beth Littleton, PhD