Chair: Mike Elnicki, MD
Chair Elect: Gabey Gosman, MD
Immediate Past Chair: Jamie Johnston, MD


Faculty Development Series

  • Organizing/archiving monthly AME seminar series with topics related to teaching skills and career development
  • Collaborating with faculty affairs on on-boarding approaches

Chairs: Melissa McNeil,MD and Tom Painter, MD
Members: Stephanie Dewar, MD; Charissa Pacella, MD; Kishore Vellody, MD; Jake Waxman, MD


Membership Committee

  • Add Committee members from different departments
  • Develop timeline for membership renewal and selection of new members
  • Further develop and clarify requirements for memership renewal
  • Recruitment and selection of new members

Chairs: Bill Follansbee, MD and Scott Herrle, MD
Members: Brad Dicianno,MD; Cynthia Lance-Jones,PhD; Kishore Vellody, MD


Mentorship in Medical Education (MIME)

  • Provide an external advice source towards building the CV and making the key steps in member’s career promotion, both tenured and non-tenured, at both the assistant to associate and the associate to full professor levels.
  • Provide feedback on building the Teaching Portfolios for promotional consideration.
  • Upon request, to observe teaching faculty during their actual teaching presentation and provide constructive feedback on good and bad teaching styles.
  • Screen archived AME lectures and post for faculty to review
  • Consult for physician educators about doing medical education scholarship

Chairs: Don DeFranco, PhD; Kip Kinchington, PhD; Sara Mcintire, MD
Members: Gerry Apodaca, PhD; Bob Arnold, MD; Greg Bump, MD; Brad Dicianno, MD; Giselle Hamad, MD; Julie McCausland, MD; Bill McIvor, MD; Steve Orebaugh, MD; Charissa Pacella, MD; Jason Rosenstock, MD; Reed Van Deusen, MD; Kishore Vellody, MD