Med Ed Day

UPSOM Academy of Master Educators
Fifth Annual Med Ed Day


FRIDAY| Sept. 18 | 2020


C A L L  F O R  A B S T R A C T S

  • on education research

  • on the description of innovative educational programs

  • by students, residents, fellows, and faculty across all  schools of the health sciences

  • that have been presented at national and regional meetings  that update work presented at prior Med Ed Days or annual GME Leadership Conferences

Abstract Guidlines


SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Friday, July 17, 2020

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UPSOM Office of the Vice Dean
Phone: (412) 648-9000


The event is sponsored by the UPSOM Academy of Master Educators (AME), in partnership with the Office of Faculty Affairs, UPSOM Office of the Vice Dean and the Office of Academic Career Development.